Success is like math


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March 3, 2020

Success is like math.

Lately I came across some formulas for success. All looking very cryptic and complicated.

That triggered me to look back over my 20 something years of experience working in different roles and industries and ponder over what it is you need to be successful.

It resulted in the following formula for success:

(E3 + GOFRGOFR) * (P + P) = S

And just like with math – once you break it down, it really is not that complicated.

E3 = Envision, Enable and Execute.

You need to know what you want to achieve.
You need to have the knowledge, skills and tools to do it.
And then you need to go and do it.

GOFRGOFR = Good Old-Fashioned Grit.

A longtime inspirational role model of mine, Jill Rowley, once made the comment: ‘nothing will work unless you do’.
This is exponential.
With the vision and enablement in place, the hard work is where the success will materialize.

Then comes a multiplier. And a sum of 2 parts.

*(P + P) = Patience + Perseverance.

I am sure we have all seen the images of the road to success not being a straight line to the top. It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t be easy.

But you will get there.
If you have a vision, enable your team, help them execute and guide them along the way.

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