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Delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time.

It is an age-old marketing goal to address your target audience with relevant messaging. Whereas we used to have to rely on limited and possibly not-so-objective information, the digitalisation of all aspects in business have created a wealth of data. Data driven decision making is now able to drive target audience definition, segmentation and engagement paths. Mapping out your data landscape is a crucial stepping stone towards leveraging Marketing Automation Tools to help you execute your targeted, personalized campaigns. But it doesn’t end there. The real smarts will always come from the people driving the ideas generated by leveraging the data and the tools. Empowering your team to fully embrace this digital transformation is a key catalyst in your success towards leveraging data driven marketing as a growth strategy.


Marketing automation

How do you apply digital marketing best practices to your campaign execution?


CHETTa-jones consulting services

Mapping out your data landscape

  • Uncovering data gaps needed to target based on your target audience
  • Data harvest campaigns
  • Integrating & leveraging data points into the Customer Journey

Mapping out your customer journey

  • Defening key stages
  • Identifiying customer groups per stage
  • Creating a content map
  • Driving content creation needs
  • Aligning content to the buying journey
  • How to best leverage data to personalize your messaging

Communicating through a Data Driven Marketing Transformation

  • Interactive coaching sessions about Data Driven Marketing topics
  • Lead Scoring
  • Segmentation strategies
  • Content personalization
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment


Monia Bosetti | SaaS Customer Success Sr. Director EMEA & JAPAC

Isabel brings strategic thinking and energy in every project. As part of my team, Isabel was instrumental on the design and implementation of a new Customer Success Management methodology and Enablement programs. Isabel's ability of being strategic and get the things done at the same time, makes her a unique talent. In particular her knowledge of Marketing and Customer experience has been a valuable asset for my team.

Joanne Chan | SaaS Customer Success, Knowledge Management, EMEA-JAPAC

Isabel is a trusted teammate who is versatile and flexible in the way she approaches challenges. She takes challenges in her stride and tackles them with a positive attitude, tireless work ethic and entrepreneurial approach. Passionate in the work that she does, she frequently contributes her ideas and insights enthusiastically, probing for key information when she collaborates with others, and above all is an excellent listener.

Rob Heerdegen | Global Director, Adoption & Transformation services, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Isabel has been a joy to work with over the many years we’ve known each other. As a Marketing and Adoption Advisor, Isabel consistently brought her A-game. She used her many years of industry experience coupled with strong facilitator skills to challenge and change the trajectory of 100s of customer ’s use and adoption of Oracle’s Marketing Cloud technologies. She’s truly a trusted advisor to our customers large and small.

Veerle De Ridder | Lead Generation Manager at Vasco Data Security

I’ve been working with Isabel as a customer of LeadFabric. Isabel is a very professional marketeer, with a lot of marketing experience which she is willing to share with her customers. I really appreciated working with Isabel because she is a creative and open minded person, with a very strong focus to achieve results. She easily understands customer needs and acts accordingly.